“Cursed To Die” by Lorna Shore

Needless to say, the lyrics of Lorna Shore’s “Cursed to Die” are such that we’re going to have to take some risks theoretically in the name of attempting to comprehensively interpret them. And at the forefront of this analysis is the hypothetical premise that this song was inspired by the Bible and other such stories which center on the creation and “fall” of man.

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Along those lines, the vocalist himself takes on the role of a cosmic entity. The said entity may actually be two sides of the same coin in a manner of speaking, i.e. life and death or God and the devil, however you prefer to see it like. 

And going back to the postulation that this piece is Biblically inspired, what it appears he is speaking to are concepts such as sin being the cause of death, and humans being naturally inclined to screw up in such ways regardless. So with that philosophy in mind, the thesis sentiment revolves around “life” itself being an intrinsic “blessing”, even though we are inevitably “cursed to die”.

Lorna Shore's "Cursed To Die" Lyrics

Release Date of “Cursed to Die”

On 27 July 2022, this track became the third single issued from Lorna’s studio album titled “Pain Remains”. Both this single and album are products of Century Media Records. 

The singles from this album that preceded “Cursed to Die” are:


The authorship of “Cursed to Die” is credited to the members of the band. The members are as follows:

  • Michael Yager
  • Andrew O’Connor
  • Austin Archey
  • Adam De Micco
  • Will Ramos (who is the band’s frontman)  

The producer of the track is one of the band’s regular collaborators, Josh Schroeder.

Who are Lorna Shore?

Lorna Shore is a band from an inconspicuous part of New Jersey known as Warren County. The brand of music they specialize in is known as deathcore. 

Having been extant since 2010, thus far this act has managed to put out three studio albums as well as a few EPs. Their second LP, “Flesh Coffin”, marks their most-notable showing to date. The said album peaked at number three on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers Album chart. 

Cursed To Die

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