Lorna Shore’s “Into the Earth” Lyrics Meaning

There’s a whole lot going on in “Into the Earth”, and it becomes blatantly obvious even from the onset that listeners are required to use some imagination in the name of appreciating what’s being put forth. As explained by Austin Archey, what we are dealing with here is a piece about “falling into a state of lucid dreaming”. But in the process there is also “the initial fear and acceptance of the subconscious”. This is actually what the lyrics are meant to be centered on.

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And if that explanation sounds a bit confusing, well, so can be said for the lyrics themselves. To reiterate, this is the kind of song that the listener is more or less tasked to make comprehensive sense out of.

But what can be generally ascertained is that yes, the vocalist is a “dreamer”, and what his deepest fantasies revolve around, most simply put, is becoming something much greater than where he currently stands. 

Into the Earth

All the lyrics of this song considered, it can be theorized that what he means by “crash(ing) into the Earth” is being knocked off of that high horse, so to speak. So it’s like he may dream of ‘becoming the sun’ or ‘becoming a god’, but ultimately something along the way, internally, discourages him.

So going back to the above explanation, perhaps this piece is not as complicated as it seems on the surface. That would be because, with that previous theory also in mind, then it’s obvious that what is discouraging the vocalist is the aforenoted fear of diving into that area of the subconscious whereas he will hypnotize himself, so the speak, into believing that he is actually able to transcend his current reality – or something like that. 

Or without overcomplicating matters, let’s conclude by saying that more simply interpreted, this a positivity-thinking piece. However, it is one that recognizes that it’s our own deep inner thoughts which not only aspire us to reach for greatness but oftentimes also prevent us from doing so.

Lorna Shore, "Into the Earth" Lyrics
Lorna Shore explains the meaning of "Into the Earth"

Lorna Shore

Lorna Shore, though reading like the name of an individual, is actually the moniker of a group from New Jersey that specializes in a genre of metal music known as deathcore. So for instance, this song has been described by one prominent music publication as being “brutal”, with the vocalist ‘sounding like Gollum from Lord of the Rings’.

Thus far Lorna Shore, a band that has been extant since 2010, has managed to put out three studio albums as well as a handful of EPs. The band’s fourth LP is titled “Pain Remains”.

“Into the Earth”

On 22 June, “Into the Earth” was officially dropped as the second single from Lorna Shore’s “Pain Remains” album.

As of this dropping, the group is made up of the following:

  • vocalist Will Ramos
  • guitarist Adam De Micco
  • guitarist Andrew O’ Connor
  • bassist Michael Yeager
  • drummer Austin Archey

The entire Lorna Shore crew wrote this song, with special, individual attribution being given to Will Ramos. The track was produced by Josh Schroeder.

Into the Earth

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