“Daddy” by Coldplay

In “Daddy”, Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin takes of the role of what can logically be deduced as a small child. And who he is addressing is the child’s father. Or more to the point, said individual is an absentee father. However such has not minimized the love his child (i.e. the vocalist) has for him. So basically, this track serves as an appeal for “daddy” to return and this time “please stay”. 

And the singer is very understanding when making this request, as in acknowledging that his/her father is dealing with his own issues – even though the singer doesn’t know what they are specifically – which are encouraging him to behave in such a manner. But in a way such is besides the point, because him being “so far away” is causing his child to suffer. Or another way of terming it is that the singer’s dad is using his personal issues as an excuse to neglect his child. 

So not hearing from his father for an extended period of time, the narrator is indeed worried about him. But more than anything what he desires is for him to come home and actually fulfill the roles as a dad.

Lyrics of "Daddy"

Music Video

And its music video is actually an animated feature, which was directed by a female director Asa Lucander.

Who wrote “Daddy”?

Chris Martin wrote “Daddy” along with his band mates G. Berryman, J. Buckland and W. Champion.

And the track was produced by the trio of B. Rahko, R. Simpson and D. Green.

Release Date

Parlophone Records simultaneously released “Daddy” along with another song from Coldplay’s “Everyday Life” album, “Champion of the World”, on 20 November 2019.

14 Responses

  1. Freakin saddest song I’ve heard in a while!
    Wnet through this at the age of 12, dad never came back, now here I am 33 yrs old and I’m balling my eyes out listening to this.

  2. Ronno says:

    Lyrically it’s in fact Stromae’s “Papaoutai” (Papa, où est-tu?- Daddy, where are you?), but with Chris Martin’s favourite refugees’ context added to it.

  3. Christine says:

    Rarely does a song pull at my heart like this one….the song and animation together tore me to pieces. Truly a masterpiece! Music can bring the saddest most raw emotions ..I couldn’t stop crying.
    I wonder where the inspiration for the song came from?

  4. Gary W. Douglas says:

    Wonderfully done and with such taste and simplicity, even a child would understand the honesty and reality of it all. This work is overwhelming to many from what was broken to what is now missing. It’s a work so desperately needed in a society looking for only blame and escape. With real love, it doesn’t matter what we’ve done, it matters what we are doing right now.

  5. bill says:

    Karlie, my heart breaks for you. Being a father of two girls, I hope the love I send to my angles out there into the universe is felt by all fatherless kids!

  6. CJ says:

    I lost my dad last year on Father’s Day and I’m struggling really bad now

    • Shelley says:

      I lost my father Dec. 26th 2012. I struggle everyday since. He was my best friend. Even though I have my own family…and a new life since he’s been gone…it’s a struggle. I’m sorry you struggle. It doesn’t go away, it just changes. I hope you find a way to soothe that struggle. It’s such a beautiful world they leave behind.

  7. Maxminimus says:

    Although my daddy died when I was in my 30s, I never really knew him. He was present, but didn’t have much to do with me.

    Now, I’m older and divorced. I have twin boys. I want nothing more in this world than to be with them. I don’t really care about much anything else but them.

    So, I can’t be with them as much as I want, which is the opposite of the relationship I had with my dad.

    But we’re both so far away. Just for different reasons and in different ways…

    And yeah. It’s a tearjerker.

  8. KRG says:

    I recently got divorced and I don’t dare play this song in front of my sons who seldom hear from and even more seldom see their father. It is such a moving, beautiful, sad song. I love it.

  9. Max says:

    This song melts my soul .thanks you coldplay for this great masterpiece I love you guys

  10. Supernova says:

    Yes I’m sooo far away. Because bpd the mother won’t let me see her. And she’s just up the top of the scheme. Yes I cry

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