Declan McKenna’s “British Bombs” Lyrics Meaning

“British Bombs” is the title of a 2019 politically charged song by English singer Declan McKenna. This tune can be best categorized as an anti-war song since its lyrics are purely against war in any form.

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Indeed, McKenna has confirmed the above in multiple interviews. For example, in an interview he had with The Fader, he categorically stated that “British Bombs” is an anti-war track. According to him, this song is about the business of war and the UK arms sales (which he feels is rife with pure hypocrisy).

McKenna feels it is wrong for Britain to be involved in the business of selling weapons to countries when the nation is fully aware of where these weapons eventually end up. Furthermore, he believes that violence leads to more violence. He therefore is totally against Britain being involved in wars far away from home. McKenna believes that at the end of the day, such wars don’t solve anything but rather “fuel extremism”.

Declan McKenna on the meaning of "British Bombs"
"British Bombs" lyrics

Inspiration for “British Bombs”

Speaking to NME, McKenna said the creation of the song began after a conversation he had with a friend of his about Britain appearing not to be at war even though in reality the country is constantly at war. He said this conversation forced him to start thinking deeply about all that was going on and the industries benefiting from these “invisible wars”.

Writing and Production of “British Bombs”

Declan McKenna is the sole writer of “British Bombs”. The production of this anti-war tune was done by English composer and record producer James Ford.

Release Date

McKenna officially released “British Bombs” on 19th August, 2019. Two days prior to the song’s release, McKenna used social media to announce the song’s release date.

It should be mentioned that this is McKenna’s first single from his second studio album. Also it holds the title of being McKenna’s first song to be released in 2019.

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