Desireless is a French singer best known for her smash hit single Voyage Voyage from her debut album titled François. Voyage Voyage was so commercially successful it sold millions of copies worldwide and reached the number one position in many countries in Europe and Asia. Her other notable singles include Qui Sommes-nous? and John.

Desireless’ career in the music industry didn’t begin until in 1984 when she met music producer and songwriter Jean-Michel Rivat, who helped launch her career by writing and producing the hit singles John and Voyage Voyage.

Later Career

In 2012, Desireless began making music and touring with French singer, music producer and guitarist Antoine Aureche (also known as Operation Of The Sun). The pair has since 2013 released a number of albums together.


French singer Desireless performing live in Sorgues, France in 2016. Source: Wikimedia. Author: Marianne Casamance.

Facts about Desireless

  • She was born in Paris, France on Christmas Day in 1952.
  • Desireless’ real name is Claudie Fritsch-Mentrop.
  • Prior to beginning a career in the music industry, Desireless worked as a fashion designer – an occupation she practiced for about seven years.
  • Her hit single Voyage, Voyage was one of the most famous hits of the 80s.
  • After giving birth to a daughter in 1990, she took a break from music to concentrate on being a mother. She returned to the showbiz with the release of her second studio album I Love You in 1994.
  • Up till date, the most successful song of her career is her 1986 hit single Voyage Voyage.

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