Did George Harrison write any songs for The Beatles?

Did George Harrison write any songs for The Beatles?


Certainly! George Harrison, while not as prolific as Lennon or McCartney, contributed several memorable songs to The Beatles’ catalog. One of his best-known compositions is “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” released on “The White Album” in 1968. Additionally, his songs “Here Comes the Sun” and “Something,” both from the “Abbey Road” album in 1969, remain among the most beloved Beatles tracks. His writing style was distinct, often reflecting his personal spiritual journey and love for Indian music.

The Beatles – Quick Facts

Lennon’s Literary Pursuits: John Lennon was not just a musician; he was also a published author. Before worldwide fame, he wrote a book titled “In His Own Write,” a collection of short stories and poems. The book showcased Lennon’s sharp wit and love for wordplay. It was followed by another book, “A Spaniard in the Works,” in 1965.

The Magical ‘Walrus’: The line “the walrus was Paul” from “Glass Onion” has been a source of much speculation. Originally, fans believed it was a clue in the “Paul is dead” conspiracy. However, John later revealed it was nonsense, meant to poke fun at fans who over-analyzed their lyrics. The walrus itself was a reference to “I Am the Walrus,” sung by John.

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