Dido’s “Take You Home” Lyrics Meaning

To begin with, Dido’s “Take You Home” follows two different story lines. The first is between the singer and her lover, who for the most part appear as any other couple. For instance they “kiss”, “love”, ‘fight’, etc, and Dido is able to bring a sense of comfort to his life.

But the second narrative is that while she is able to “take (him) home”, she cannot do so for herself. This alludes to an inability to get her life sorted out. Thus the romance actually serves as the premise to her highlighting an internal situation. In other words, she is able to help her lover define and direct his life. Or put differently, she can perceive how her love is benefiting her partner. However, she cannot “find (her own) way home”, thus implying that she cannot bring this same level of comfort to herself personally.

As such, this track is centered on a lost soul – for lack of a better term. Despite being in a loving romance, Dido is not in a place where she feels totally comfortable with herself nor in control of her destiny. This is not to imply that she is going to dump her boyfriend as a result in order to get her life sorted out, which is the direction other popular songs along a similar vein tend to take. Rather she is just pointing out that what she is able to do for her partner she cannot do for herself. And overall she is highlighting a personal psychological disposition which challenges her.

Lyrics of Take You Home

Facts about “Take You Home”

  • This is the second single released by BMG from Dido’s album Still on My Mind, which originally dropped on 8 March 2019.
  • Rollo Armstrong and Dido produced the track. They also co-wrote it alongside Rick Nowels.
  • Dido plays keyboard on the song, assisted by Christopher Cooper.
  • This track is one of the stand out tracks on Still on My Mind. Another stand out song on this album is “Hurricanes“.

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