“Love One Another” by Cher

Cher’s “Love One Another” is a general love song, as implied by the chorus, and it is one that is explicitly put into a macrocosmic context. So we don’t have to burden ourselves trying to figure out what type of relationship it is based on, as it fundamentally pertains to all interpersonal relationships. 

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And as a premise, what the vocalist is essentially putting forth is that on the inside we’re all the same. In other words, there are emotions that are universal to the human experience. And by implication, one of them would be a need for love. So that is why she is calling on us all, “sisters and brothers”, “father and mother”, to “love one another”.

And of course, Cher is not your run-of-the-mill pop artist. So she gets even deeper than that in the second verse, acknowledging the human tendency to put up a prideful front when offended.  But at the end of day, it requires a more humble disposition to get over matters. For only “when two people stand together” can a damaged relationship be ‘healed’. 

So with all of that in mind, she also calls on us to be more peaceful than confrontational and to make a conscientious effort to get over past beefs. And conclusively, the thesis sentiment is like life can only be enjoyed in its fullest when mutual love is being practiced.

Lyrics to Cher's "Love One Another"

Facts about “Love One Another”

Cher’s “Love One Another”, on the 4th of February, 2003, was released as the sixth single from her “Living Proof” album.

Just like many of her songs, Cher didn’t participate in the writing of “Love One Another”. Noted songwriter and producer, Rick Nowels co-composed this song with Billy Steinberg and Marie-Claire Cremers.

Nowels subsequently teamed up with Chris Cox and Wayne Rodrigues to produce this track.

The following are the music genres that this song falls within:

  • Dance-pop
  • Euro disco

Grammy Nomination

In 2004 “Love One Another” was part of the songs shortlisted for the award of “Best Dance Recording” at the Grammys. The award was won by Kylie Minogue’s “Come into My World“. The following songs were also shortlisted in that category:

Love One Another

The “Living Proof” Album

American singer Cher released Love One Another in November 2001 as part of her twenty-fourth studio album, Living Proof.

WEA released Living Proof on November 6, 2001. Executive producer Rob Dickins, with the help of other record producers, including the following handled the album’s production:

  • Wayne Rodriguez
  • Johan Aberg
  • Mark Taylor
  • Chris Cox
  • Ray Hedges
  • Tony Moran
  • Chicane

This project is a twelve-track album, which incorporates songs from the house, dance-pop, and disco genres.

Living Proof was top-10 album on the Billboard 200 chart. On, the UK Albums chart (OCC), it ranked among the top-50. It also topped the Greek Albums (IFPI Greece) for several weeks. In addition, it has received gold certifications from the following entities:

  • Sweden (GLF)
  • Switzerland (IFPI)
  • Denmark (IFPI Danmark)
  • Germany (BVMI)
  • United Kingdom (BPI)
  • United States (RIAA)

Cher embarked on one of the best tours in her career and the history of North American music with Living Proof. The tour was titled the Living Proof: The Farewell Tour. It broke the record for the longest concert and the highest-earning tour by a solo artist. At the end of the day, she garnered about $250 million from over 300 live shows.

In addition, the tour attracted close to 20 million people. The tour was so successful that it was honored with multiple Primetime Emmy Awards.

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