“Hurricanes” by Dido

“Hurricanes” is the title of a love song by English singer and songwriter Dido. On this track, Dido sings very passionately to her significant other expressing her profound love for him. In doing so, she talks about being ever-ready to face life’s difficulties for the sake of their love.

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Dido uses the word “hurricanes” as a metaphor for the obstacles she’s ever-ready to go through because of that special man in her life.

In all, the lyrics of this touching song focus on themes of love and the sacrifices one is willing to make because of love.

Lyrics of "Hurricanes" by Dido

Quick Facts about “Hurricanes”

  • Dido co-wrote “Hurricanes” with Rick Nowels and her brother Rollo Armstrong. FYI: Armstrong isn’t just Dido’s brother but he is also her longtime collaborator.
  • Dido co-handled the song’s production duties with Armstrong.
  • On November 12, 2018, “Hurricanes” was released and made available to stream and download all over the globe.
  • “Hurricanes” became the first new material that Dido released in roughly 5 years. The last single she released prior to this one was the song “End of Night”. That song came out in 2013.
  • Since 2013, Dido was pretty absent in the music industry. The release of this 2018 single therefore officially marked her comeback into the industry.


Is this song about Dido’s husband Rohan Gavin?

Being such a touching and emotional love song, we have reason to suspect it could be about him. At the time of the song’s release, Dido and Rohan had been married for about 8 years. The marriage produced a child named Stanley in 2011.

On which Dido album can “Hurricanes” be found?

The track is the first single from Dido’s fifth studio album titled Still on My Mind. According to Dido, that album will be released on March 8, 2018.

4 Responses

  1. jueselers says:

    There’s also an interview from Dido where she states it’s all about the pregnancy while expecting her son. Can’t recall which interview it was during promotion of the record. She says something as like when she played this song to her friends and so on insantly everyone who’s got children got emotional.

    “i wanna wake up with your weight by my side” therefore imply Dido waking up while pregnant.

    • Anonymous says:


      DIDO: Yeah. You know what that song is to me? It really is just about that strength of long-term love, and it’s about when you really are made stronger by being with someone, and you can really look someone in the eye, and go through those trickier moments. A hurricane is sort of a metaphor for the chaos of everything. Actually, when the world is a bit chaotic, and uncontrollable, that you have this real strength between you.

      Marriage is huge. I think marriage is just a very romantic thing to do in a way. Some people see it the other way, and I don’t see it that way. I think there is a difference. You feel a difference when you get married, and that’s what that song is about, I think.

      • s says:

        Well,Dido spoke about this song.
        It doesn’t matter what each of us thinks. The artist made it clear that she is talking about love for the person she shares her life with.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is about her son born or not yet, that is obvious

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