“Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones

In “Don’t Know Why”, the narrator seems to be in a state of confusion and regret over a decision she made. She repeatedly claims not to know why she didn’t come as a way of reminding herself of her regret. It appears she may have left her partner to go alone to a far place and regrets that she made that decision.

As the chorus depicts, she tries to forget about the pain by immersing herself in wine. In the verses, she expresses how much she wished she could be with this person instead of having to deal with the pain of their distance. Although she remains deeply affected by her decision to stay, she settles on keeping the memories of their moments together on her mind all the time.

Did Norah Jones write “Don’t Know Why”?

No. Jesse Harris originally wrote this track, releasing it on his album Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos (1999). Norah Jones later recorded a cover of it and released it on July 1, 2002. It was the first single off her debut album Come Away (2002).

Interesting Facts

Norah Jones got signed by jazz label Blue Note after this song’s demo got their attention.

This track brought Jones immense musical success. For example, at the 2003 Grammys, it won the following prestigious awards:

  • Song of the Year 
  • Record of the Year 

Furthermore, it sold more than 10 million copies within the US alone.

Sesame Street satirized this track with Jones singing about the letter Y not appearing in the lyrics.

FYI: In winning the “Song of the Year” award, Jones’ version of “Don’t Know Why” beat the likes of the following:

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