“Here We Go Again” by Ray Charles and Norah Jones

“Here We Go Again” is a pretty-simple song as far as the primary sentiment which is being relayed in concerned. It came out during the ‘fool in love’ era, where it was kinda chic to present one’s self as being hopelessly in love with someone who in more contemporary times would probably be defined as a toxic partner. 

Or more specifically with the case at hand, the vocalist(s) is involved with someone who he clearly has an on-again/off-again romance with. And the implication is that this other person, the addressee, is the one who is not wholly committed to the relationship. 

Moreover, the singer is evidently more than aware of this fact. Yet and still when the addressee comes a calling, he’ll fold and take her back – apparently against his better conscience – falling in love and all. 

And this scenario plays out like a cycle, as in the addressee apparently dumping the vocalist and then at their own convenience reigniting the romance, just to leave the vocalist yet again. That is the whole notion which the title alludes to. But sentimentally, the entire piece is not so much about the relationship itself as it is the singer’s total inability to resist this unfaithful partner.

Lyrics for “Here We Go Again”

Facts about “Here We Go Again”

This is a song that originally came out, as a Ray Charles solo joint, in 1967. It was a notable success, making it onto the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 and spending 15 weeks on the list altogether. Moreover the original managed to peak at number five on Billboard’s R&B songs’ list.

However, that is not that version we are covering today. Rather Ray Charles re-recorded “Here We Go Again” in 2004 with Norah Jones, who is nearly 50 years his junior. And it was featured on one of the first Ray Charles albums to come out after his passing, 2004’s “Genius Loves Company”. 

The official release year of the song itself was in 2005, with Ray himself passing away during mid-2004. And the labels responsible for its release were the Concord Music Group alongside another entity heavily related to Concord, Hear Music.

To note, being inspired by the passing of the musical great, “Genius Loves Company” was actually the most-successful album Ray Charles had ever put together during his nearly six-decade career.

Ray Charles and Norah Jones’s “Here We Go Again”

Ray Charles and Norah Jones

As you probably already know, Ray Charles (1930-2004) was one of the most-celebrated musicians in American history. We’re talking about the type who even the US government has formally recognized his musical greatness. But the lesser-known Norah Jones is a singer from New York City. Norah has dropped seven of her own studio albums during the first two decades of the 21st century. And by labeling her lesser known, we’re not implying that she hasn’t been successful. 

In fact her first three studio albums topped both the UK Albums Chart and Billboard 200. And Norah’s debut full-length, “Come Away with Me” (2002), has sold nearly 30,000,000 copies around the world.


Indeed it’s safe to say that the aughts were Norah’s heyday. For example, this song, which also came out during that decade, was a major success in and of itself. That is to say that even though her collaboration with Ray doesn’t boast of an impressive chart history, it still managed to win not only one but two Grammy Awards.

It took home the trophy for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals but even more notably Record of the Year in 2005. But to note it was not eligible for Song of the Year since, as mentioned earlier, it first came out back in the 1960s. Also, interesting to point out is that “Here We Go Again” met with very-limited chart success. In fact even after winning the aforementioned Grammys, it still failed to actually make it onto the Hot 100.

“…Featuring Norah Jones”

This song was also featured on a collaboration-compilation album entitled “…Featuring Norah Jones”, in 2010. And Norah stated it was actually Ray Charles who enlisted her to participate on the duet.

Norah Jones talks about “Here We Go Again”

Who played the organ on “Here We Go Again”?

Billy Preston (1946-2006), a notable instrumentalist from back in the day played organ on this track. Preston worked with many other prominent mid-20th century musicians. For example, he was also noted for his his collaborations with the Beatles.

Famous Covers

Throughout the years many popular artists have covered this song. These include:

  • Dean Martin (1970)
  • Reba McEntire (2007)

And in 1969 Frank Sinatra’s firstborn, Nancy Sinatra, came out with her own rendition. The said cover met with some chart success.

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