Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” Lyrics Meaning

The premise of “Peaceful Easy Feeling” is a romantic relationship the singer is in. As we can see from the onset of the track, he is enamored by the beauty of his partner. However, they are not deep in their romance. That is to say that he is relaying this narrative from the disposition of someone who is now trying to really get to know this lady intimately. But in the back of his mind he feels that things may not work out the way he prefers. Or as he states near the conclusion, “this voice keeps whispering in (his) other ear”, telling him that he “may never see (her) again”.

And that brings us to the title of the song and the sentiment it is really intended to relay. The singer has a “peaceful easy feeling” – so much so that it will not be ruined even if this woman disappoints him. This is what he means when he asserts she does not actually have the wherewithal to “let (him) down” since he is “already standing on the ground”. To look at it from a different perspective, he may not have ever gotten his hopes up too high in the first place. But more to the point, the titular “peaceful easy feeling” has encompassed his disposition in such a way that his contentment cannot be spoiled, even if he gets rejected by a girl he is clearly smitten by.

Lyrics of "Peaceful Easy Feeling"

Facts about “Peaceful Easy Feeling”

“Peaceful Easy Feeling” was written by legendary songwriter Jack Tempchin. He actually began writing it one night in 1969 while waiting around for a certain female who failed to show up.

Tempchin wound up sleeping on the floor of the club he performed at that night. He reportedly actually began writing “Peaceful Easy Feeling” on the back of a flyer a friend of his created to advertise Tempchin’s services.

That selfsame flyer (which Tempchin originally wrote the song’s lyrics upon) was later inducted into the Grammy Museum.                            

The woman referred to in the first verse of this classic is not anyone in particular but rather a personification of various beautiful women Tempchin beheld in California.           

Asylum Records released “Peaceful Easy Feeling” as the third single from the Eagles’ debut album (also entitled “Eagles”) on 1 December 1972.

This tune went on to become one of both Tempchin’s and the Eagle’s most-beloved songs. It peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 35 on the Canadian Hot 100.

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