Eagles’ “Pretty Maids All In A Row” Lyrics Meaning

Eagles’ “Pretty Maids In A Row” tells the tale of certain old friends (who have been apart for a long time) finally reuniting and reliving a lot of memories from the past.

According to Joe Walsh (who is one of the writers of “Pretty Maids In A Row”), the song is a melancholic reflection of the life he has lived thus far.

He revealed this during an interview with BBC which took place in 1981. And accordingly, throughout the song, the narrator reminisces heavily about the interesting happenings of his past days. However, he doesn’t exactly mention any specific memorable event from his past.

The “Pretty Maids All In A Row”

Who are the “pretty maids” the singer talks about? Some analysts believe that the reunited friends in question are actually former lovers (actually a married couple who are now divorced). Now, the couple, having met each other again after a long time, find themselves swimming through memories from their wedding day. Hence the row of beautiful maids.

Some Eagles fans also believe the maids in question are actually the girls The Eagles normally saw lingering outside their hotel rooms whenever they finished performing a show. So the band members are basically reminiscing about those interesting days.

Who sings “Pretty Maids All In A Row”?

Don Henley alongside Glenn Frey sung lead vocals on most of the band’s songs. However, on this one, Joe Walsh handled the lead vocals. Actually this was the first Eagle track he sang all by himself.


Walsh alongside noted American composer and songwriter Joe Vitale wrote this.

Release Date

It was released in December of 1976 alongside its album (“Hotel California”). It wasn’t a single release as “Hotel California” produced the following three singles only:

4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The song is quite a far cry from what Joe Walsh was really known for. Hard rock and roll guitar riffs. It’s very bluesy and melancholy but it’s a good song

  2. Amanda says:

    my absolutely favorite songs by the eagles

  3. Michael frenette says:

    I loved this song from the first time I heard it, and never got tired of it. Not sure about the long almost silent intro, but I can overlook that. Joe is the best!

  4. Suzie says:

    Joe is really deep on his ballads. Too few of them. He is a extremely talented man. The best guitarist of my lifetime. He has kept the Eagles soaring since 1975!

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