“Every Time Two Fools Collide” by Kenny Rogers & Dottie West

The singers of “Every Time Two Fools Collide” portray the role of lovers who are caught up in a tumultuous romance. And the reason they are referring to themselves as “fools” is seemingly because they both have the tendency to regularly engage in actions which jeopardize the perpetuation of their union. But more to the point, neither one of them actually wants their relationship to end. So ultimately they are hoping to reach a point where they can continue down the road of love without any self-inflicted hiccups.

“Every Time Two Fools Collide” Facts

This is the title track from an album Dottie West and Kenny Rogers dropped together in 1978. The official release date of the song is 1 January 1978. And the label behind its issuance is United Artists Records.

Both Kenny and Dottie were signed to United Artists at the time. And there is varying accounts to how their collaboration originated. But the one consensus is that they did in fact meet in the studio.

The creation of this song led to a fruitful, three-year musical partnership between both artists and a friendship that lasted until West passed away in 1991.

This collaboration proved to be quite-successful, topping Billboard’s Hot Country Singles.  And it also scored a number one on Canada’s RPM Country Tracks chart.

The writers of this song are John Dyes and Jeff Tweel. And it was produced by Larry Butler, who was working with both Dottie and Rogers individually at the time. And interesting to note is the track was originally conceptualized to be sung exclusively by Dottie.

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