“You Decorated My Life” by Kenny Rogers

The title of this song (“You Decorated My Life”) is in reference to the woman whom the singer is in love with. And the lyrics are thematically centered on how her presence has edified his life. So Kenny Rogers uses colorful analogies such as how his existence was once like a ‘plain paper’, but since her intervention it has become more alive and colorful. 

Indeed his former, pre-love life lacked meaning in and of itself. But now not only is he more excited but also hopeful and imaginative concerning the future. So conclusively, within the context of this song the word “decorated” is indeed synonymous with edified.

Writing Credits

Kenny didn’t compose this song. The real authors of this track are as follows:

  • Bob Morrison
  • Debbie Hupp 

The story behind the song is that Morrison and Hupp may have likely written it over the telephone or post (conventional post, not email), as they did not live in close proximity.  Moreover Morrison was not even anticipating the song to become a hit. Part of the reason he likely thought so is because he actually recorded his own rendition, which didn’t catch on with the public at all, before Kenny Rogers. And Rogers himself was not overly-enthusiastic in regards to recording it. But Larry Butler, the track’s producer, was persistent. So eventually the Gambler did so, and it proved to be one of his most-memorable hits.

Chart Performance

“You Decorated My Life” topped Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart as well as a couple of music charts in Canada. And it also reached number 7 on the publication’s famous Hot 100 itself.

Release Date of “You Decorated My Life”

This track served as the lead single from Kenny Rogers’ album, “Kenny”. And it was released by United Artists on 10 September 1979. Kenny’s team later included it in his bestselling compilation album titled “Greatest Hits”.

Other memorable songs from said compilation album include:

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