“Fall to Pieces” by Velvet Revolver

In “Fall to Pieces”, the speaker appears to be unable to recover from a previous relationship.

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He first expresses that the year has been long as a reference to the time his relationship hit the rocks. It also signifies the amount of pain he has had to endure since this person left him. According to him, he feels extremely lonely and old because this person may have been his source of companionship and fun.

The writer repeatedly admits that he is broken by the separation and can’t seem to put himself back together afterwards. ‘Falling to pieces’ could also signify his resort to drugs or alcohol which is neither doing him any good.

In the subsequent verses, the narrator appears to be in an unrecoverable state considering that he keeps reminiscing about their good memories. In doing so, he questions if he can ever be happy again. At the end of the day, he comes to the conclusion that he is in fact breaking apart.

This is Autobiographical

Scott Weiland explained that he wrote this song because of his addiction to drugs and his shaky relationship with second wife, Mary Forsberg.

Facts about “Fall to Pieces”

Weiland co-wrote this with his Velvet Revolver bandmates D. Kushner, D. McKagan, M. Sorum and Slash.

Velvet Revolver’s maiden album “Contraband” came out in 2004. “Fall to Pieces” was the third single it produced.

This song enjoyed an impressive performance in America, where on the Hot 100, it climbed to number 67. In Britain and Netherlands, it performed even better, peaking at 32 and 53 respectively.

In 2005, it was one of the songs that contested for the title of “Best Rock Song” at the Grammys. It however, lost to U2’s “Vertigo“. The following are the other songs that were nominated alongside “Fall to Pieces”:

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