“You Got No Right” by Velvet Revolver

Letting the cat out of the bag early, who Scott Weiland, the vocalist of “You Got No Right”, is addressing would be one Mary Forsberg. Forsberg was his second wife, whom he bore two children with. But more to the point is that at the time, according to sources, Forsberg had filed for divorce. So this would be Weiland’s lyrical reaction to said incident.

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Now before jumping in ourselves, let it be known that Velvet Revolver is indeed a hard rock act.  And hard rockers rarely, if ever, say anything literally. So a lot of this song is sorta like interpret it as you may. But since we already know the fundamentals of the situation Weiland is speaking to, then we can make some logical postulations, which once again isn’t easy in some cases.

“You Got No Right”

For instance, the title is not used in the chorus as one may think based on its background as detailed above. Rather, what the vocalist is saying is that the addressee “got no right to keep (him) waiting”. 

And then the question becomes, waiting for what? And one may say that, considering the rest of the song reads as if they have already broken up, then perhaps he is encouraging her to pull the trigger and get the divorce finalized already. 

But such a theory is not consistent with the emotional undertone of the entire piece. In other words, it is clear that the vocalist is in his feelings. Or taking this hypothesis a step further, he appears to be emotionally devastated by the prospect of permanently losing the addressee.

You, the Addressee would Regret Dumping Me!

Weiland also appears to be putting forth what tends to be a common sentiment in such scenarios. And that is he is, once again metaphorically, alluding to the idea that eventually, even if she’s chillin’ now, the address will come to regret dumping him. 

And yes, it does seem that he was in fact dumped, as in the third verse we find the phrase “without a warning or reason” concerning this situation. So it’s almost as if all of this is going down, and he doesn’t even know why.

More about the Lyrics of “You Got No Right”

The above would also include the title of the song being used differently in the first verse than it is in the chorus. In the first verse, it is actually the addressee who is making the titular statement to the vocalist. Moreover, she appears to be relaying such in some sort of a legal context, sort of insinuating that he has no chance if the situation does in fact go there (i.e. to court). 

And with that in mind it can perhaps also be argued, considering how relatively-confusing the chorus is, that therein also he is speaking on behalf of the addressee.

But we don’t want to go about opening a never-ending can of worms. For at the end of the day if nothing else, one thing is abundantly clear. And that is that this whole scenario is negatively affecting the vocalist, even if it isn’t having the same effect on the addressee.

"You Got No Right" Lyrics

Velvet Revolver

Velvet Revolver was a musical supergroup that was extant throughout the mid-aughts. Their membership consisted of the following Guns N’ Roses’ members:

  • Slash
  • Duff McKagan
  • Matt Sorum

But the aforementioned names weren’t the only members of the band. Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland (1967-2015) and Wasted Youth’s Dave Kushner were also members. 

Throughout their time together, Velvet Revolver managed to put out two full-lengths – 2004’s Contraband and 2007’s Libertad. And their debut album was their bigger success, topping the Billboard 200. It also earned RIAA double-platinum certification. Furthermore it sold to the tune of 4,000,000 copies worldwide. And it is also from said undertaking that You Got No Right”” is derived.

But to note, this was not one of the singles released from the album. Rather they were, in succession:

Unfortunately for the group at large, Scott Weiland, i.e. the lead vocalist, had serious substance-abuse issues. In fact it is considered to be such which ultimately took his life in 2015 at the age of 48. 

But how that affected Velvet Revolver beforehand is the relationship between he and other bandmates having been dissolved. And it was under such circumstances that the rest of the crew decided to part ways with him, even though they were never able to find another lead vocalist.

You Got No Right

More Facts about “You Got No Right”

The entire Velvet Revolver gang, as a unit, is credited for writing and co-producing “You Got No Right”. The other producers are Josh Abraham and Nick Raskulinecz. 

And the label behind the track is RCA Records.

“You Got No Right” came out with the rest of Contraband on 8 June 2004.

It should be noted that despite this song coming out in 2004, Scott Weiland and Mary Forsberg did manage to stay together for an additional three years, until 2007. But in that year they did divorce, after being married since 2000.

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