“Feelings” by Morris Albert

Morris Albert’s hit classic “Feelings” centers squarely on heartbreak and loneliness caused by the end of a romantic union. The track’s narrator (Morris), who is now separated from his lover, spends his lonely sad days trying to drown the feelings he has for her. However, his desperate efforts to achieve this goal prove utterly futile at the end of the day.

Facts about “Feelings”

This classic is Morris Albert’s best known work of his entire career as a professional musician. Simply put, it is his one and only signature song.

He officially released in 1974. It was a single from his “After We’ve Left Each Other” album.

“Feelings” was a major global hit for Morris. For example, it entered into the top 10 of many noted musical charts all over the world. In America’s prestigious Hot 100, it peaked at a position of 6. In the United Kingdom, it did better by entering into the top-5, reaching a peak position of #4. It replicated the same feat of being a top-5 hit in multiple territories, including Australia.

Morris was initially credited as the exclusive writer of “Feelings”. However, he was later forced to share songwriting credits with a songwriter named Loulou Gasté. And this came about after Gasté successfully sued him for plagiarism and copyright infringement. According to the lawsuit Gasté filed, Morris significantly plagiarized a significant part of his 1950s song titled “Pour Toi”. Said part of “Pour Toi” that Morris was accused of plagiarizing was the song’s melody. Gasté ended up winning the case in court. Owing to this, he was subsequently credited as a co-writer of “Feelings”.

Since the success of this track, there have been several notable covers by some of the biggest names in music. The following are just a handful of prominent singers who successfully covered “Feelings”:

  • Shirley Bassey
  • Walter Jackson
  • Gloria Gaynor

As of 2020, this classic had sold over a million copies in North America alone.

Did “Feelings” win a Grammy?

No. The song was a massive hit. However, it is yet to be honored by the Grammys. Actually Morris never got the opportunity to honored with a Grammy Award his whole career.

Who is Morris Albert?

He is a singer from Brazil who became prominent in the music industry with the release of “Feelings”. Prior to that, he was relatively an unknown singer, despite having released a number of singles. “Feelings” not only turned Morris into a superstar but also gave him his first entry into the Billboard Hot 100.

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