“Feelings” by Lauv

In “Feelings” American singer Lauv is addressing a lady friend. And their relationship is on the verge of potentially transcending onto the next level, as in a serious-intimate romance. And he is highly in support of such a move.

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But at the same time he is not rushing the situation. Instead he is following her lead, putting the onus on her to dictate whether or not they take it there.  And she apparently is not overly anxious to do so. This is due to the prospect of romantic disappointment, i.e. heartbreak. And Lauv totally understands where she’s coming from. But he hopes to ‘change her mind’ and convince her that moving with him is a sound move, as they appear to be more or less in love with each other. Indeed the title of this track is derived from the singer recognizing that developing such strong “feelings” for another, as he has for her, is not a common occurrence. Thus the insinuation is that they should take advantage of this opportunity. 

So conclusively, the best way to describe this song is perhaps as one that finds the singer really wanting to get involved with a certain lady while simultaneously sympathizing with why she is hesitant to do so.

Lyrics of "Feelings"

When did Lauv release “Feelings”?

“Feelings” is one of the tracks from Lauv’s 2020 album “~how i’m feeling~”. He and his management officially released “Feelings” on the 19th of September 2019.

The following songs also appear on the aforementioned album:

Did Lauv write this song?

Yes. He wrote and produced it along with songwriter/producer Jonathan Simpson. And songwriter Andrea Rosario also had a hand in writing the song.

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