“Fire Walk with Me” by The Black Keys

The Black Keys’ “Fire Walk with Me” uses highly-symbolic verbiage from beginning to end. One common theme throughout is the presence of the titular “fire”. This is not to be taken literally but rather refers to some type of psychological/spiritual experience which, at the beginning of the song, the singer is inclined to partake of or follow. And later, he insinuates that the “fire” is something greater which is occurring on a grand level, as in potentially affecting many people.

What this “fire” actually represents is not made definitively clear. It is not likely a mental phenomenon, as he states it is “burning up” his (or whoever it is affecting) “every thought”. The singer also states that interacting with it is like “living in a fever dream”, once again alluding to it being some type psychological occurrence. 

Moreover, considering that he uses terminology such as “higher and higher”, the implication is that despite the fiery language used throughout, he perceives ‘walking with that fire’ as being a good thing. Owing to this, he actually encourages it to “roll on”, as in grow in breadth and intensity.

Lyrics of "Fire Walk with Me"

Origin of Song’s Title

The title of this song is actually acknowledged to be derived from a poem featured in the popular television program titled Twin Peaks.

And The Black Keys are apparently fans of that show, as the title of the album this track is featured on, Let’s Rockalso seems to be a reference to this show.

Who wrote “Fire Walk with Me”?

The sole writers of “Fire Walk with Me” are Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. Not only did the pair pen this song, but they also produced it.

 Date of Release of “Fire Walk with Me”

The song was officially released by Easy Eye Sound on 28 June 2019. It is the 12th track on the album Let’s Rock. The hit “Sit Around and Miss You” is also featured on Let’s Rock.

Album’s Title

FYI, the album title (Let’s Rock) is also believed to be referencing the last words uttered by an American convicted murderer named Edmund Zagorski shortly before he was executed in an electric chair in Nashville, Tennessee. According to reports, while in his death chamber, he was asked by the prison authorities what last words he had to say. He responded by smiling and uttering the words: “Let’s rock”. He was then executed moments later.

Cover art of The Black Keys' album "Let's Rock"

It is for this reason, we suspect the cover art of the album features an electric chair.

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