“Forever & Always” by Taylor Swift

“Forever & Always” is another of Taylor Swift’s songs which is based on her actual romantic life, a track she felt was important enough to fight for its release. And once again the ex in this case is someone famous, that being Joe Jonas of Jonas Brothers’ fame.  And in this particular case, the gripe she has with the addressee is one along the lines of feeling she was dumped for no reason. Or more specifically, it would appear that Joe began drifting away from her, which is bad enough in and of itself. But it has proven especially painful to Taylor for two reasons. One is that prior to behaving in such a manner, he had promised to love her “forever and always”. And secondly and perhaps most-painfully is that she doesn’t have a clue what made him turn on her in the first place. 

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So on top of dealing with the type of heartbreak a person feels when they think they’ve found the one only to realize that the person is not, she also has to deal with the associated confusion of not knowing why exactly they broke up.

Release Date of “Forever & Always”

Penned entirely by Swift, “Forever & Always” came out in November of 2008 alongside its album (“Fearless”). According to Swift, the song was not initially supposed to be part of “Fearless”. However, she forced it into the album shortly before the album’s official release.

Taylor Swift’s Relationship with Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift’s romance with Joe Jonas lasted between July and October 2008 and became a source of inspiration for a number of her songs, including this one.

In November 2008, Taylor speaking to Ellen DeGeneres about her 2008 album, Fearless talked about how Forever & Always was added to the album at the eleventh hour. She revealed that the song was about finding the right person who is so wonderful that she’ll forget about the guy who broke up with her. In her explanation however, she took a swipe which was obviously targeted at Joe, by hinting that he broke up with her over the phone in 27 seconds when she was 18.

People reported that Joe Jonas refuted rumors that he had cheated with Camilla Belle while defending the ‘27-second call’ accusation by explaining that he called to discuss his feelings but they were not received well, and he wasn’t the one who actually ended the conversation. Taylor, in a comeback appearance on The Ellen Show in 2019, confessed that publicly affronting Jonas was too mouthy.

The two seem to have become better friends with Taylor later presenting a baby gift to Joe and Sophie Turner.

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