Freddie Mercury’s “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”

“Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” is a song recorded by the late British rocker Freddie Mercury of Queen fame. The very touching lyrics of this track tell the tale of two lovers who are forced to go their separate ways. It is however, not made abundantly clear why the lovers are parting ways. But what is clear is the singer is sad. His sadness is undoubtedly caused by the fact that he is about losing his beloved one – maybe forever.

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So before his lover leaves his presence for the last time, he wants them to do something special and memorable. He wants them to make the most out of the final day they have to be together. So before they bid their final goodbyes to each other, he pleads with his lover to do something special for him. He asks that he/she shower him with all the love in his/her heart so that he may at least have something to hold onto when he’s back to being a lonely man. Furthermore, his hoping that doing so will help them part ways on good terms.

We even get this feeling that Freddie is subconsciously hoping that when his lover showers him with so much love once again, that can somehow save the relationship from dying.

Lyrics of "Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow"

Is this song about Barbara Valentin?

Barbara Valentin was an actress from Austria who was best known for her association with Freddie Mercury and Queen. She was a very close friend of Freddie. In the mid 1980s when Freddie temporarily lived in Germany, he shared an apartment with Valentin. According to a number of sources, Valentin was the inspiration behind “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”.

That said, it Freddie never confirmed this. Neither did he ever reveal exactly who the addressee of the song was.

Writing and Production Credits for “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”

Freddie Mercury is credited as the song’s sole composer. Freddie also produced the song alongside German producer Reinhold Mack.

Is there any member of Queen on this track?

No. This was purely a solo work by Mercury. It therefore doesn’t feature any of his Queen band members.

When did “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” come out?

It was released on November 18th, 1985. It was the 4th single from Mercury’s “Mr. Bad Guy”. “Mr. Bad Guy” was the only solo studio album Mercury released. The album was made during Queen’s hiatus.

Part of “Never Boring”

This song is part of the 2019 Freddie Mercury box set titled “Never Boring”. “Never Boring” comprises of 32 tracks, including this very one.

2019 Animated Video of “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”

On September 5, 2019, an animated video for “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” was released globally. The clip was released on the same day that Freddie would have turned 73 had he still been alive. It was released basically in honor of his birthday. Film directing duo Beth David and Esteban Bravo directed the video. And it should also be mentioned that in addition to honoring Freddie’s 73rd birthday celebration, the clip is also a heartfelt homage to the HIV/AIDS charity organization the Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT). MPT was founded by Queen members Taylor and May in memory of Freddie.

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