Meaning of “We Will Rock You” by Queen

Queen’s “We Will Rock You” is a song known more for its highly-infectious chorus than for its overall lyrical content. In other words, the general meaning of this song is widely understood, but the story being told therein is largely unknown.

This song follows the life of a male through three stages – childhood, adulthood and his elder years. And life is not easy for this person. For example, in his youth, he is presented as a dirty, disappointing street boy. However, despite this he seems very – if not overly – optimistic about his future.

His manhood still finds him on the streets. Despite this, instead of aimlessly kicking cans, he now seems to have found a concrete cause in life. Also he is still optimistic about the future.

However, in his old age we find that he actually made little, if any, progress. In fact he is described as being “poor” and seems to be going through the same issues he went through as a child. Also he still has yet to find “peace” and obviously contentment. So when you look solely at the life’s journey of the individual who is the subject of this song, the logical conclusion would be that “We Will Rock You” is a track about vain, failed ambitions.

However, the chorus of the song is highly-energetic and anything but depressing. So if the chorus is actually related to the story of this individual, the likely explanation would be that it is symbolic of the high level of confidence he had throughout most of his life, as indeed the boy even sings it at the beginning of the track. 

We Will Rock You lyrics

But that being said, it is also possible that the verses and the chorus are unrelated, with the latter being added primarily due to its mass appeal. Either way, “We Will Rock You” will continue to serve as a song played at sporting events and other venues where the desired effect is to inspire a person or group of individuals.

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