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George Michael’s “Amazing” is very much a love song. This is made evident near the end of the track when George exclaims that we should all “celebrate the love of the one you’re with”.

But it is also known that he is addressing a specific romantic interest. Or stated alternatively, it is the affection that the singer has experienced via his relationship with this individual that has led to him recognizing the “amazing” power of love. For as Michael puts it, experiencing this emotion in a manner such as he has can sets ‘a person free’, as in liberate him or her from depression. Indeed as illustrated at certain junctures in the lyrics, the singer himself had more or less given up on love – and you can say true happiness – before becoming acquainted with this individual.

Lyrics of “Amazing” are autobiographical

Now said person is someone whom George went on to date for well over a decade, from 1996 to 2009, named Kenneth Goss. Or stated bluntly, the lyrics of this song, though leading to a more-general idea as highlighted earlier, are based on a homosexual relationship. That’s why for instance the signer and addressee are both depicted as having beef with their parents. Indeed it is implied that the mother of the addressee has vocally disapproved of their union.  So logically the reason they have such parent issues, such as the singer’s own dad not wanting him, would be due to their sexual orientation. 

So besides the featured relationship being highlighted by the singer’s appreciation for the addressee, there is also a subtheme. And the subtheme in question centers on the types of challenges their association has faced due to the above mentioned issue.


But all things considered, this song is a testament to the positive-transformative power of true romantic love. And the narrator knows this effect is real, as he has experienced it via his feelings for the addressee. 

So yes, “Amazing” is based on a real-life relationship George Michael was in at the time. But the intended focus isn’t on this union per se as it is the idea that meeting the right partner can edify one’s life in a way nothing else can.  And by extension the overall lesson is that if an individual already has such a person in their life, then they should appreciate their partner accordingly.

Lyrics of "Amazing"

Facts about “Amazing”

George Michael wrote and produced “Amazing”. And in terms of its penning, he was assisted by someone he worked with regularly, Johnny Douglas.

Sony BMG released this track on 1 March 2004 as the third single from George’s album entitled “Patience”.

The direction of the music video to this song was helmed by Matthew Rolston.

“Amazing” topped three US-based Billboard dance charts. Furthermore, it also scored a number one in the following countries:

  • Hungary
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Spain

And that is just the tip of iceberg of the song’s success, as it charted in well over 20 nations overall. Moreover it has been certified Gold in Australia.

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