George Michael’s “Fastlove” Lyrics Meaning

This is a song in which the singer (George Michael) is looking for some ‘fast love’. And the title is basically tantamount to an idea of noncommittal intimate affair with someone he hardly knows.

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The premise behind this desire is that he has had “some bad love”, a statement which reads as if he fell in love but had his heart broken. In fact later in the bridge, George reveals that he is searching for a fling as a means to counteract him ‘missing his baby’. So perhaps we can say he is suffering both emotionally but especially carnally due to losing his steady romantic partner.

But that being said, at the moment he is not looking for another serious relationship. Indeed he recognizes that his homies “got their ladies”, i.e. significant others whom they are committed to and are having families with.  But again, that’s not what he’s looking for. Rather what George longs for is some quick “fun”, even in his BMW if his desired partner doesn’t mind.


So conclusively, we can say that “Fastlove” is an ode to the idea of a casual intimate affair. That is to say the singer is looking for someone to comply in getting him through a lonely night and nothing else.

Lyrics of "Fastlove"

Facts about “Fastlove”

DreamWorks Records and Virgin Records released this song on 22 April 1996. It was the second single from George’s third-solo album, “Older”.

George Michael (1963-2016) served as both writer and producer of this song.  The other producer is Johnny Douglas. And the additional writers – Terri McFaddin, Patrice Rushen and Freddie Washington – are all credited since they wrote “Forget Me Nots” (1982) by Terri McFaddin which is sampled into “Fastlove”.

“Fastlove” topped the UK Singles Chart as it had done in six other countries including Australia and Spain. In the US it peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. And in general it charted in almost 25 nations, being certified Platinum in Australia and the UK.

The music video, which was helmed by directors Anthea Benton Vaughan Arnell, was also quite successful. It was nominated for three MTV VMAs in 1996 and that same year won the International Viewer’s Choice Award via MTV Europe.

Adele covered “Fastlove” during a tribute to George Michael performed at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

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  1. Fast love says:

    I love this song original is amazing. But when Kevin Davy white on x factor sang it really well.

  2. Mahrokh says:

    Hi .any body here
    I was in love with george micheal .love fast love.. all model love to you ♥️♥️👰🏼⚰👸🏼🤴⚖👈🏻🤒🤕 i khnew .his death ..hard to mec. Pray to comeback of grave yard👈🏻🤒🤕🤩😍😎🔮💎♥️💔💔

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    Love george ..wate my life .I couldnt see him.
    Love him yet ..dont have points now(0098)9156790838
    All figured out .for george

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