“Giddy Up!” by Shania Twain

“Giddy up” is a phrase derived from the field of equestrianism that is traditionally uttered by a rider in the name of making a horse trot or run faster. This is the opening track of Shania’s album “Queen of Me”, whose cover art does feature the songstress sitting on top of one of these animals. Also, it appears as if Twain is emulating the act of riding, if you will, on the cover art of this particular single as well.

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That said, the term “giddy up” is known well enough in American culture that it can also be used as a colloquialism. And so it is in this piece, with Shania having implied that in context, the title basically alludes to the notion of encouraging one’s self to move in an uplifting direction expeditiously.

Lyrics of “Giddy Up!”

With this being a country song, we are met with a discernible narrative in that regard. As presented, the vocalist was living an unfulfilling life “in small-town Ohio”. So to rectify the situation, one day she decided to make a power-move “out west to Arizona”, copping a car and enjoying the warm weather alongside music from the days of her youth. Or put otherwise, Shania proceeds to celebrate life on the open road.

The reason why making such a lifestyle choice in her case can be considered a power-move is because of course it’s not easy for someone to just pack up and relocate to a totally different part of the country.  Moreover, the vocalist is not migrating in the name of work – as people normally do – but instead in search of what she perceives as being a more-edifying existence. And as revealed, being out west doing her thing does make Shania feel holistically happier.

So considering that the vocalist was bold enough to take such initiative and reap the desired results, now she’s qualified to advise us listeners to do the same.

The wording of the second verse does go about firmly establishing this as a dance song. There’s also a high premium put on alcohol consumption, especially in the chorus.

All in all

At the end of the day, being “up in your giddy up” would be akin to being imbued with a sense of freedom. Put simply, this about being bold enough to do what you have to do in the name of making yourself happy. 

To some, that may involve getting “drunk in the city”. To others, it would perhaps be country-line dancing. And to others still, that would be akin to making the life-changing decision to relocate. But in any event, what Twain is espousing is along the lines of promptly resolving ourselves to go where our hearts lead.

Lyrics for Shania Twain's "Giddy Up"

Release Date of “Giddy Up!”

“Giddy Up!” was unveiled officially on January 5 of 2023. It serves as the second single from the album, “Queen of Me”. The said album is Twain’s 6th studio album.

Who are the Writers of this Song?

The song was composed by Twain and a team of songwriters, consisting of the following members:

  • Jessica Agombar
  • David Stewart

Aside from co-authoring the song, David, being a celebrated record producer himself, took charge of its production.

Giddy Up

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