“Girl Gang” by Ciara Ft. Kelly Rowland

Ciara’s “Girl Gang” centers on friendship and fun. As the title “Girl Gang” denotes, the singer talks about her group of female friends who regularly hang out with each other and stand up for each other.

The singer’s group seems to be full of fun-loving attractive ladies so they mostly love to raid parties and get all the attention. She hammers on the fact that they are also quite popular for keeping a place fully ‘lit’. They usually go all out in their celebration and she describes this by saying that pouring champagne is their campaign. During these moments however, they really look out for each other and do not allow anyone to mess with them.

The Girls’ Agenda

The second verse reveals their agenda for the night. They don’t just want to have fun or hit it off with any kind of guy. They actually want a guy who has enough money to stack them up with some cash. The ladies advise each other against guys who just want to have affairs with no commitments. They are not interested in a one night stand, but a guy who can really give them value.

On top of the Game

The narrators depict that these girls are always on top of their game and are able to turn all eyes on themselves when they get to the club. Their dance moves are great enough to make the boys go crazy, and apparently, everyone in their crew is lit.

Ultimately, the “Girl Gang” exists so these ladies can have a really good time together. They boost their confidence by complementing each other, and standing up for each other. In the end, they only want the best for themselves.

Lyrics of "Girl Gang"

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