“Give It Up” by KC & The Sunshine Band

Considering the cover art and all, it’s pretty safe to conclude, as most listeners probably already have anyway, that the “it” the singer is referring to is sex. There really isn’t anything in the overly-simplistic lyrics to suggest otherwise. He is addressing a romantic interest whom not only he, but “everybody” else is also attracted to. However, the singer is entreating her to spend “all night” with him rather than others who may want to get with her. And his goal is to be the recipient of her “love”. 

So deciphering this song is more or less a no-brainer. And anyone who is familiar with the phrase “give it up” as used in such a context knows exactly what said “love” implies.

Facts about “Give It Up”

KC & The Sunshine Band’s “Give It Up” was released in 1982 in the United States but was released to the rest of the world a few months later in the following year. When the song was released, it made a lot of waves and appeared on different charts across the world.

‘Cut ‘N’ Move’, a group from Denmark also made their variation in 1993 which became a major hit especially in New Zealand, Denmark, Germany and Australia among other countries.

The song was pushed out there as a single after the lead singer Casey was involved in a terrible accident and had to stay home for almost a year.

Finch who was part of the group quit when KC signed up with Epic Records. They did not part on good terms and have been separated since.

When the song was released,  most people just saw it as KC’s song instead of a song he made with the band.

Most people believe the song is about him liking someone and asking the person to give up herself to him. Others however believe he was asking for her love and not sex.

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