“Got Weird” by Dodie

The vocalist “made out” with a girl, and in the aftermath she’s left wondering if making such a bold move was the right decision. Such is the basic backdrop upon which this “Got Weird” is based. 

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Dodie, to note, is a known bisexual. And the way she has described this piece is as it being inspired by an actual date she went on with another lady. The said lady is the addressee of this track.

“Got Weird”

So concerning the title, what Dodie is acknowledging is that after the two of them, presumably unexpectedly, ended up kissing at the end of a date, the vocalist herself had a palpably “weird” reaction.

And it would appear that the reason she’s compelled to point this out to the addressee, even though she too would have undoubtedly noticed her unorthodox reaction, is because Dodie is afraid that in so weirding out she may have turned off a potentially long-term partner in the process. 

Many of us have had experiences in the past where we’re just hooking up with someone new and end up doing something, in amorous excitement, that we’re afraid may subsequently scare them away. And you know how under such circumstances, we tend to overthink things? That’s pretty much how the vocalist is coming off on this track.

There isn’t any information presented which implies that the addressee now ‘hates her’, as Dodie fears. But still she goes about explaining, in some pretty personal detail, why she did something as rash as kiss her and then spaz, if you will, thereafter. 

And indeed, her justifications are flying all over the place – so much so that it’s hard, even after the vocalist’s lengthy clarifications, to figure out why exactly she did what she did besides the most obvious reason, which is that she’s actually feeling the addressee. 

All lyrics considered what it ultimately boils down to, as stated earlier, is Dodie hoping she didn’t act so abnormal after the two of them made out that now her new sweetheart thinks she’s too “weird” to date afterwards.

Lyrics to Dodie's "Got Weird"

Who is Dodie?

Dodie is a singer from England who has been YouTube active from a young age and has also been uploading her own original music onto the platform since 2011. In 2016 she officially commenced her own discography via a label called Doddleoddle (that also being the name of her YouTube channel which, as of the release of “Got Weird” on 29 July 2022, boasts over 2,000,000 subscribers). 

By the looks of things, Dodie remains a self-released artist to this day, and she has experienced some notable success along the way. For instance, her two most recent full-lengths, “You” (2017) and “Human” (2019), both made it onto the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart and the top 5 of Billboard’s Indie Albums list stateside.

For the record, Dodie is 27 years old as of this dropping, and she personally co-wrote and co-produced “Got Weird” with Peter Miles.

Got Weird

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