“Hate Myself” by Dodie

As its title implies, Dodie’s “Hate Myself” is in fact psychological in nature. And the reason the vocalist has developed self-hatred is not due to her own mindstate per se. Rather this song speaks to the human tendency to presume that when something goes inexplicably wrong in an interpersonal relationship, it is their own fault. Indeed what is actually at hand is the addressee, unbeknownst to the vocalist, is dealing with his or her own personal issue. In other words the reason said individual has clammed up has nothing to do with the singer, but the singer, who also represents likeminded individuals, automatically thinks it’s her fault anyway. 

So the title is accurate in that it apparently alludes to a case of low self-esteem so to speak, as in the singer ‘hating herself’ for something she didn’t even cause.

Facts about “Hate Myself”

This song was written by Dodie and produced by one Joe Rubel. And the director of the track’s music video is Sammy Paul.

“Hate Myself” was released on 12 January 2021, the same day it premiered via Annie Mac’s Hottest Record via the BBC. And the track serves as the second single from Dodie’s debut album, which is entitled “Build a Problem”.

The lyrics of “Hate Myself” are likely autobiographical. And why? This is because over the years, Dodie has struggled immensely with mental health issues. And she has been very open about this challenge. In a book and multiple online videos, she has stated that she suffers from the disorder known as depersonalization-derealization. And this disorder has the tendency of making a sufferer feel as though they don’t exist. Owing to this, Dodie often battles with serious depression.

As of the release date of this song, Dodie is receiving professional help. It should however be noted that the disorder isn’t easy treating.

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