Green Day’s “Father of All…” Lyrics Meaning

The setting of Green Day’s “Father of All…” is the narrator being in some type of troubled environment. One pressing issue is apparently the state of the natural environment. Also he describes himself and the person he is addressing, who appears as if it may be his lover, as having a “riot living inside” of them. That would seem to indicate some type of significant inner turmoil, likely manifested through interpersonal disorder also. 

And there are other metaphors used throughout pointing to the idea of his surroundings and life being stressing in general, with the possession of money obviously a contributing factor. And why is money an issue here? It is because he brings it up in a couple of different contexts, even in relation to “blood”. So succinctly put, the singer is in a situation where he feels he is going to ‘crack up under the pressure’, as in the weight of all these different negative elements combined. 

Green Day's "Father of All..."

And as can be derived from the cover art, the full title of this song is actually ‘Father of All M’. The “M” stands for a very unprintable offensive word. Thus this track is basically an expression of the singer’s overwhelming frustration, which he is now aggressively venting, thus giving him the titular attribute.

Lyrics of "Father of All"

Release Date of “Father of All…”

“Father of All…” was released on 10 September 2019, marking the first track Green Day dropped in almost two years.


“Father of All…” is the title track and lead single from the band’s thirteenth studio album of the same name/title. Because of how offensive the last word of the title is, the word in question is usually omitted from the title. Therefore, we usually end up with something like this: “Father of All…“.

Writing Credits for “Father of All…”

The entire band gets writing credit for this song. Hence the full writing credits are as follows:

  • Billie J. Armstrong
  • Tre’ Cool
  • Mike Dirnt

And the track was produced by songwriter and producer Butch Walker. It’s vital to state that “Father of All…” was Walker’s first time working with Green Day.

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