“Gucci” by Alizáde (ft. Big Baby Tape)

“Gucci” is a song by a couple of Moscovite hip-hop artists. Lil Tapey in particular brags about being able to live a “Gucci” lifestyle. Or another way of looking at the track is that the attribute of being Gucci can be applied to just about any person, place or thing, and possessing said characteristic is favorable. More specifically, being “Gucci”, as the brand name is generally interpreted, points to the idea of said object being high-class and extravagant.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Alizáde's Gucci at Lyrics.org.

And the relatively-few times in which Alizáde does drop the word, unlike with Tape, she seems to be talking specifically about Gucci merchandise, such as “slippers” and ‘bags’. 

So overall, the best way to perceive this track is being the Russian equivalent to a conventional American rap song. The lyrics are in English, which does not appear as if it is the artists’ native language. Therefore it is a very-simple rap which effectively gets the point across that the vocalists operate along the same general belief system – being rich, influential and bragging about it – as their peers in the United States.

Lyrics of “Gucci”

Facts about “Gucci”

“Gucci”, which was issued by Warner Music Russia on 20 December 2019, was written by Alizáde and Big Baby Tape.

And the producer of this track appears to be another artist from Russia named Pretty Scream.

“Gucci” marks the second song released in which Alizáde and Big Baby Tape collaborated. The first one, which is actually rapped in Russian, is entitled “Trap Medals” (2018).

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