Meaning of Big Baby Tape’s Lo Siento

The title of this song, when translated into Spanish, reads ‘I’m sorry’. But the artist, Big Baby Tape, is Russian. And based on the lyrics, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that he is referring to the Spanish “siento”, if you will. And that’s because what we, the listeners, are met with, is by and large money-based braggadocio, not lyrics based on any type of apology. Big Baby Tape has made it and goes about illustrating how enjoyable his life is as a result. For instance, he boasts his wherewithal to ‘waste stupid amounts’ of money on TSUM, i.e. the most-fashionable department store in Moscow.

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As his moniker, “Big Baby”, implies, this is a musician who has been heavily influenced by American rap scene. So besides bragging about riches, he does other things that such rappers tend to do, such as expressing an affinity for marijuana (as well as what may be references to other drugs, pointing to Tape being some type of mover in the game), the notion he rolls with a  Drac, as being some type of gun-toting thug, etc.

Another standard subtheme that permeates throughout is the vocalist’s come-up. And that regard, at the beginning of the second verse, DJ Tape addresses the people who turned their backs on him when he “had nothing”. So maybe within the context of Russian society, Lo Siento is an unorthodox song and therefore something to write home about. But as for those of us who may already be used to mainstream rap content, what’s being expressed is pretty run-of-the-mill, i.e. street tough rapper who has made it celebrating his success within the context of having ascended from humbler backgrounds.

Release Date

This track was released on 24 November 2023 through Moscow-based Effective Records and a clique Big Baby Tape runs with known as Benzo Gang.

Writers & Producers

The writer and producers of Lo Siento are Baby Tape alongside one of his regular collaborators, Aarne, who he shouts out a few times in the lyrics.

Other Facts

Lo Siento interpolates a classic rap song, which is Ice Cube’s 1992 track It Was a Good Day.

This song has fared well on the internet side of the music industry, i.e. proving to be a chart topper (via Apple Music) in Russia, Ukraine and a number of surrounding countries.

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