“Help!” by Tina Turner

As noted in the trivia section, this song dates back to the mid-1960s. And we can say that during that era, lyrics were a bit more-straightforward than modern pop music. As such, in this case the title concisely encapsulates the sentiments expressed therein.

The singer comes off as someone who was perhaps a bit cocky in her youth. But currently she is feeling ‘insecure’ and recognizes the dire need for “help”. And the way the lyrics come off aren’t as if she is physically needy, if one chooses to interpret them that way.  Rather it reads like, more than anything, she has lost her confidence and optimism. So she is asking the addressee for assistance ‘getting her feet back on the ground’. And the implication is that said addressee is someone whom she is already close to.

Facts about “Help!”

“Help!” was written by the classic songwriting duo of John Lennon (1940-1980) and Paul McCartney. And as such it was initially released by their group, The Beatles, in 1965.

“Help!” is in fact one of the most-celebrated songs amongst The Beatles’ already-impressive catalog. And accordingly it has been covered by a number of artists throughout the years.

For instance, Tina Turner’s cover was released, via Capitol Records, on 29 May 1984. It served as the second single from (the European version of) the album which put her on the map as a successful soloist, “Private Dancer”.

It could be said to have been a strategic release, as at the time Miss Turner was in the midst of touring England (i.e. The Beatles’ homeland). But her particular rendition was not based on the Fab Four’s original per se. Rather another cover of “Help!”, which Aussie singer John Farnham put out in 1980, served as her inspiration.

And Tina’s edition did prove to be a mild hit, charting in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Tina recorded this song in conjunction with an American jazz group known as The Crusaders.

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