“Let’s Stay Together” by Tina Turner

This is, quite simply, a love song. So the titular “let’s” is actually comprised of the singer and the addressee, who is her lover. And basically, what she is espousing is the idea of the two of them being “together” forevermore. Or more specifically, she herself is ready to love him throughout all the ups and downs which life has to offer and idealizes the same level of commitment from him.

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Facts about “Let’s Stay Together”

This song was written by Willie Mitchell, Al Jackson Jr. and music legend Al Green. And it was originally released by Al Green in 1971 and was so successful that it proved to be the signature song of his career.

Turner’s version came out on May 29th, 1984 as one of the songs on her album own legendary album, “Private Dancer”. And her version was produced by G. Walsh and M. Ware.

Whereas Turner’s rendition may not be considered as much of a classic as Al Green’s, it still proved to be quite successful. For instance, at the time it marked her biggest hit as a soloist. In fact it was the lead single from “Private Dancer” and is acknowledged as the track which de facto established Tina as a solo artist.

Tina’s version peaked at number 6 in Britain, which was (slightly) higher than Al’s version, also being certified Silver across the pond. And overall, Tina’s version charted in nearly a dozen nations, faring most-impressively on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs, where it reached number one.

Also noteworthy is that as of 2020 Tina’s “Let’s Stay Together” has proven to be the most-popular amongst the plethora of other artists who have also taken on the song.

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