“Helplessly Lost” by Passenger

Throughout the song “Helplessly Lost”, the narrator (Passenger) does nothing but plead and plead with a lover. By the looks of things, this person is a former sweetheart as opposed to a current partner. And the reason for so is apparently due to Passenger’s own faults as a partner. Owing to this, what he is begging her for is her forgiveness in light of his past mistakes. At this point, it is beyond apparent that she’s left him. And her absence has left Passenger “helplessly lost” in life, as in lacking focus and direction.

The lyrics of this song basically play out like a list of all the regrets Passenger has when looking back on this failed relationship and indeed his life as a whole. Among these are the general disruptions he has caused in the romance. He has also broken his lady’s heart. Additionally, he was not a truthful partner. And in response to her ‘warm’ love, he instead behaved coldly.

Ultimately Passenger feels like a ‘fool’ for continually giving in to the same shortcomings that resulted in his sabotaging his own happiness, including this current heartbreak. 

Lyrics of "Helplessly Lost"

Facts about “Helplessly Lost”

  • “Helplessly Lost” was composed by Passenger.
  • On top of writing the song, Passenger also produced it. However, he worked with producer Chris Vallejo to complete the song’s production.
  • “Helplessly Lost” was released on the 3rd of April 2019.
  • The music video for “Helplessly Lost” was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. And FYI, Passenger is the only person that appears in the video.          

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