“Higher” by Dolo Tonight

Based on a surface read, one may hastily conclude that the title (“Higher”) alludes to the concept of literally getting ‘high’, i.e. via the consumption of weed, alcohol or what have you. All things considered such would be an experience the singer probably enjoys and is espousing in his own way.  But this song only has one actual verse. 

And therein, Dolo gets more specific by taking this piece down what would appear to be a romantic path, with the addressee being such an interest. And it would seem that the two of them have held each other down through thick and thin. But initially, Dolo never imagined that they would become an item. So it’s like a true friendship turned edifying romance. And in that regard, Higher actually reads like a celebration of love, somehow.

Indeed the way this piece jumps around subject-wise makes it a bit challenging to definitively pin down a thesis sentiment. So at the end of the day, we can’t with 100% confidence state that this song is about love and/or drugs. Rather, what the title conclusively points to is some type of “feeling” that the vocalist “was in love with”. And considering the nature of the verse, that feeling may very well have been falling in romantic love itself.

Lyrics for "Higher" by Dolo Tonight
Dolo Tonight explains "Higher"

Dolo Tonight

According to what appears to be his official website, Dolo Tonight is an artist from New Jersey (Watchung, to be exact). Apparently he has been heavily involved in making music practically all of his life. 

He bounced from college, reportedly with the blessings of his family and teachers, opting to focus on music instead. His discography dates back to 2019, where he made of himself via music-related social media (i.e. Spotify). 

And according to the ‘net, as of the release of this track on 5 February 2020, Dolo, being born in 1997, is 23 years of age.


The Song “Higher”

Dolo Tonight and co. utilized the opportunity of this track’s release to try to break the world record – as deemed by Guinness – “for the highest music video on land”. And it does feature Dolo, in his own words, ‘risking his life’, i.e. parachuting and accordingly being, may we say noticeably concerned.

Also for the record, as of the writing of this post, the actual record for “Highest Altitude Music Video on Land” was achieved by a group of Nepalese artists at nearly 16,000 feet (i.e. 4,800+ meters). 

Meanwhile Pikes Peak, that part of the Rocky Mountains (Colorado) where Dolo is said to have shot his video, stands at an elevation of a little over 14,000 feet (4,300 meters). According to Dolo, he and his crew experienced great challenges during the shooting of the video. The high altitude made the shooting so difficult that Dolo and his team required oxygen.

“Higher” was written by Dolo Tonight and produced by a musician known as Aruu.

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