Meaning of “Think I’m In Love With You” by Chris Stapleton

In “Think I’m in Love With You”, Chris Stapleton is experiencing a whirlwind of feelings, finding himself unexpectedly falling in love.

He reflects on past times, pondering what went wrong and what could have been different. Despite the past, the singer realizes their deep feelings for the person, noting how he constantly finds himself wanting to fulfill the other person’s dreams.

The repetition of the phrase “I think I’m in love with you” seems to capture the swirling, almost out-of-control sensation of realizing you’re in love. It’s a track filled with both regret and fresh realization, presenting love as a powerful force that seems to have taken him by surprise, a force that’s making him to lose his mind.

In the second part of the song, the singer dives deep into expressing their affection, elevating the person to the highest pedestal, calling them his “power” and the “truth” he believes in.

Intense Love

“Think I’m In Love With You” portrays an intense kind of love where the person embodies everything for the singer, from being the air they breathe to the light they want to see. Towards the end, there’s a deeper desperation in the lyrics, with the repetition highlighting their intense realization and desire to be with the person, ready to make their dreams come true.

It paints a picture of passionate, intense, and possibly newfound love that seems all-consuming, characterized by a deep longing and an eager willingness to do anything for the person Chris is in love with.

“I think I’m in love with you
I didn’t know it at the time”

Chris continues:

“I know what I want to do
It’s making me lose my mind
I thought about thinking it through
And every time I do I find
I wanna make your dreams come true”

Did Chris Stapleton write “Think I’m In Love With You”?

Yes. He is actually the sole writer of the song. In addition to that, he also co-produced the song with the following:

  • Dave Cobb
  • Morgane Stapleton

It should be noted that Chris got married to Morgane in 2007.

Date of Release

Chris released this on 8th September, 2023. It served as one of the singles from Chris’ fifth studio album, “Higher”.

Think I'm In Love With You

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