“Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears

The lyrics of “Hold It Against Me” find Britney Spears appearing to be wooing a love interest while making her intentions clear. As the song begins, she apologizes for the somewhat strong approach towards this person, claiming that they have caught their attention.

It is clear throughout the song that Britney is interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with a person she has just met, hence expressing her interest in a straightforward manner. She goes on to talk about her heart rate, signifying her excitement, and offers to leave the crowd into a more private space. Although the singer seems quite confident in her pursuit, she tries to find out what this person feels.

The question in the chorus could signify two meanings. The first being a quest to find out if the person will be offended by the singer’s actions and words, while the second could literally mean ‘pressing their body against the singer’ which has a sexual connotation. The latter meaning is elaborated when the singer talks about paradise and her need for a vacation. Either way, the singer is anticipating a positive response and a fresh affair.


“Hold It Against Me” narrates a moment where a person tries to woo a love interest amidst doubts that they will be offended.

Facts about “Hold It Against Me”

“Hold It Against Me” was unveiled by Britney Spears in January 2011. It was the first single to be released from her seventh album entitled “Femme Fatale”.

This track was written and produced by the following:

  • Billboard
  • Max Martin
  • Dr. Luke
  • Bonnie McKee

On January 29, 2011, the song appeared at the summit of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It further peaked at number one on other Billboard charts including the likes of:

  • US Dance/Mix Show Airplay
  • US Digital Song Sales

It also broke into the top 10 on the UK Singles Chart.

A day after it was released, the song set a new record as the song with the most playtime on radio during its first day. According to Mediabase, the song recorded 619 plays on the first day.

Interesting to note is that “Hold It Against Me” was first offered to American singer, Katy Perry, but the writers later chose Spears because they felt it fitted her style.

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