“Hold Me Like A Grudge” by Fall Out Boy

“Hold Me Like A Grudge” was released on 24 March 2023 as part of Fall Out Boy’s album “So Much (for) Stardust” and in the process also acted as the LPs third single. This is a project that was produced by Neal Avron, who regularly served such a role for this band back during their earlier goings. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Fall Out Boy's Hold Me Like A Grudge at Lyrics.org.

The writing of the song is credited to the members of Fall Out Boy, who are as follows:

  • Andy Hurley
  • Patrick Stump
  • Joe Trohman
  • Pete Wentz

Being part of the aforementioned album, this track would be a product of Decaydance Records (aka DCD2) alongside Fueled by Ramen.

Meanwhile the music video to “Hold Me Like a Grudge”, as assembled by director Whitey McConnaughy, is a sequel to that of “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race”, which Fall Out Boy fans would recognize as a track the group dropped back in 2006 as part of their third studio album, “Infinity on High”.


All in all, the lyrics of “Hold Me Like a Grudge”, read as if the vocalist is entreating the addressee, his “part-time soulmate” as Patrick apparently puts it in the chorus, to be more compassionate. Lyrically, Fall Out Boy isn’t the most complicated rock band out there, but their songs, such as this one, do tend to require some piecing together and imagination on the part of the listener.

In any event, the bridge of “Hold Me Like a Grudge” is more or less straightforward in terms of emitting the thesis sentiment, which is the vocalist believing that he and the addressee can make it as a couple if they put more effort into doing so. 

It’s not clear if they are actually broken up by this point, but something has transpired whereas Patrick has to come to realize that getting by without his sweetheart’s full-time support, so to speak, is not proving successful. 

Since he is telling the addressee that she should “hold (him) like a grudge”, the implication is that their relationship is a troubled, argumentative one. So let’s say despite that reality, he wants to take things with her to a more committed level.

And it can be said, to some extent, that Patrick desires to do so for selfish reasons, i.e. coming to the realization that on his own, he cannot keep up with a “world [that] is always spinning”. But that said, he also recognizes the value he adds to the addressee’s life – like that of “a diamond” – so long as she keeps an ample amount of loving “pressure” on him in that regard.

“Hold me, hold me like a grudge
The world is always spinning, and I can’t keep up, woah
Faster and faster, can’t do it on my own
Part-time soulmate, full-time problem, yeah
So, hold me like a grudge”

Other Singles associated with “So Much (for) Stardust”

“So Much (for) Stardust” is the band’s eighth studio album. In addition to “Hold Me Like a Grudge”, the following songs were aslo released as singles for the sole purpose of marketing the album:

Hold Me Like A Grudge

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