“So Good Right Now” by Fall Out Boy

There’s two things that can be readily gleaned from going through “So Good Right Now” for the first time. First is that the song is romantic in nature. Secondly is that whatever Patrick Stump and co. are putting forth comprehensively, they are doing so indirectly.

For instance, even though the vocalist is “feeling so good right now”, most of the lyrics outside of the chorus imply that this is a troubled relationship he is in with the addressee. Or rather, let’s say that whereas he comes off as being romantically pessimistic, still Stump “got love in (his) heart” for his current sweetheart.

So for example, in the bridge he expresses that they “will crash and burn somehow”, a statement seemingly pointing to the vocalist’s belief that things will eventually turn out for the worst. Many people, i.e. the romantically-cautious or wiser types, would likely use such a disposition or belief as rationale to end a relationship sooner rather than later. 

The bridge also indicate that the demise of this romance has already noticeably commenced.

Furthermore, the vocalist comes off as being submissive, willing to be “whatever” the other party ‘needs’ him to be, obviously in the name of making this romance last as long as possible. It’s as if he firmly believes it will fail but idealizes that it will rather prove to be a long-term, meaningful association. 

So we can conclude by saying that whereas the vocalist argues that he’s “feeling so good right now”, that expression would probably be an embellishment on his part, as he definitely isn’t feeling confident about the future of this union he cherishes so much.

“Feelin’ so good right now
So, we’ll crash and burn somehow
Feelin’ so good right now, yeah”

So conclusively, this is yet another song from Fall Out Boy’s “So Much (for) Stardust” that presents modern romance in a less-than-ideal light – as an endeavor that tends to be more difficult than it has to be, in a manner of speaking.


“So Good Right Now” was written by Fall Out Boy members:

  • Patrick Stump
  • Pete Wentz
  • Andy Hurley
  • Joe Trohman

This song marks one of the rare instances on “So Much (for) Stardust” where another writer is credited, in this case being Robert Byrd (1930-1990).

This track’s producer is Neal Avron, and its labels are Decaydance Records and Fueled by Ramen.

“So Good Right Now” interpolates “Little Bitty Pretty One” (1957), the signature song of the late Thurston Harris (1931-1990), which was written by the aforementioned Robert Byrd, aka Bobby Day.

So Good Right Now

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