“Honey” by Mariah Carey

The title “Honey” as used in the song represents two things. The first being the pet name Mariah Carey gives to her significant other and the second being the taste of pleasure or sweetness derived from their sexual encounters.

Mariah, in this song, submits herself completely to her partner as she suggests that she is at his beck and call. According to her, he has got her full attention because he exclusively provides a certain pleasure that can be likened to the sweetness of honey. The singer goes on to describe her partner’s love as an addictive force which makes her feel so good that she can’t seem to help herself.

Throughout the track, the singer expresses her adoration for this person while admitting that she is no longer able to control herself around him. His love has become an addiction she can’t get rid of. As such, she is always looking forward to the next moment when she gets to feel or taste that pleasure again.


This song basically describes Mariah’s attachment to a feeling she derives from her intimate relationship with her partner.

Facts about “Honey”

“Honey” was the lead track off Mariah Carey’s 1997 studio album entitled “Butterfly”. The song was released in August 1997 and was written by the singer with support from the following:

  • Sean Combs
  • S. Hague
  • S. Jordan
  • B. Robinson
  • M. McLaren
  • L. Price
  • R. Larkins
  • K. Fareed.  

The song performed incredibly well both locally and internationally. On the US’ Hot 100, “Honey” peaked at number one. It went on to occupy the same position on the US Dance Club Songs. It nonetheless peaked at number 3 in Britain. The song also occupied the first position on the Canada Top Singles chart.

Furthermore, it received two nominations at the 1998 Grammy Awards.

Carey has performed this song at lots of events and ceremonies including the World Music Awards in 1998.

Many connoisseurs have described the song as one of Carey’s most important work.

After the video for the song was released, the public were of the view that it portrayed the love life of the singer who was then having challenges with her husband. However, Carey strongly denied that. FYI: Mariah was at that time married to famed music executive Tommy Mottola. The marriage began in 1993 and ended in a divorce in 1998.

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