“I Knew I Loved You” by Savage Garden

“I Knew I Loved You” is a case of love at first sight. And the reason the vocalist is convinced that he is in fact smitten is because ‘he knew he loved’ the addressee even prior to meeting her. That’s a fancy way of saying that he considers her to be his soulmate, someone he envisioned loving before actually crossing paths with. Owing to this, he is celebrating that after spending his whole life up until this point single, now finally has emerged that special someone.

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Savage Garden, "I Knew I Loved You" Lyrics

Release Date of “”I Knew I Loved You”

“I Knew I Loved You” was launched on 28 September 1999. It was one of the singles from “Affirmation”, which is Savage Garden’s second album.


Daniel Jones composed “I Know I Loved You” along with Darren Hayes. In an interview, co-writer Darren referred to the song as one that “healed” his broken heart.

Savage Garden's Darren Hayes explains "I Knew I Loved You"

Success of “I Knew I Loved You”

“I Knew I Loved You” met with immense widespread success. For example, it went Silver and Gold in the UK and US, respectively. In the latter country, it has so far sold over half a million copies.

Chart-wise, this was also very successful. It shot straight to number 1 in the United States. In addition to reaching the summit of the Hot 100, it also reached number 1 on Billboard’s “Adult Top 40”.

In the UK, it was also a top-10 hit. Aside England, it also enjoyed top-10 status in the following countries:

  • Australia (#4)
  • Belgium (#9)
  • Canada (#1)
  • Czech Republic (#5)
  • New Zealand (#3)
  • Norway (#7)
  • Romania (#1)
  • Sweden (#3)

Media Appearances and Covers

American drama series, “Bull” featured this song. The track was featured on the Season 2, Episode 19 of the show titled “A Redemption”.

Singers that have covered “I Knew I Loved You” it to prominence include a Daryle Singletary. Daryle, who is a country singer, covered this track in 2000 for his album, “Now and Again”

Edison Chen, a Cantopop singer, released his cover version in his 2002 album, “Break Through”

I Knew I Loved You

Savage Garden’s “Affirmation” Album

Affirmation” is an album from Australian duo Savage Garden. It was released on November 9 of 1999 as their 2nd studio album.

The album was co-produced by the duo with support from Brazilian-American music producer, Baby Love and released through American record label, Columbia Records. “Affirmation” was Savage Garden’s final album before the group’s disbandment in 2001.

In all, 7 songs (including “I Knew I Loved You”) were released in support of “Affirmation”.

“Affirmation” peaked at number 1 in the duo’s home country of Australia. It also achieved the same success in Canada and Sweden. Furthermore, it made top ten in the following countries:

  • Switzerland – 8
  • UK – 7
  • US – 6
  • New Zealand – 3
  • Denmark – 3
  • Finland – 8

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