“If I Was a Cowboy” by Miranda Lambert

As we have recently noted in our analysis of a 1990s’ Paula Cole song, a cowboy is an American figure largely from days past who in more modern times serves as a symbol of a rugged yet liberated lifestyle on the road, in the outback or what have you. And that is fundamentally what Miranda Lambert’s “If I Was a Cowboy” is based on. Simply put, the singer is fantasizing about being a cowboy, as indicated by the title.

Also, the claim to fame of many legendary cowboys, such as Jesse James of Billy the Kid, was the fact that they were outlaws. So when you combine that reality with the concept above, in the minds of many people what the cowboy also represents is an uninhibited, lawless way of living. 

And one of such individuals would obviously be Miranda Lambert, whose visions of life on the range includes openly-carrying iron and in times of need jacking money instead of borrowing it.

Also, let it be known that Lambert was in fact raised in small-town Texas, i.e. the prototypical cowboy community and state. Indeed the Lone Star State is well known for its liberal open carry laws, reminiscent of how the Wild West is often depicted in film. So it’s not like Miranda’s fantasies are based solely on fictional depictions of cowboys, if you will.

But speaking more practically, let’s say that when the metaverse finally comes into existence, ladies like Miranda will likely take on the avatar of a completely-criminal cowboy. But beyond the make-believe aspect of this piece, as revealed in the bridge there is also a feminist palpable side to this song. And that would be along the lines of the vocalist encouraging women to have dreams which would transcend their traditional gender assignments.

Lyrics to "If I Was a Cowboy" by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is a singer from Texas who, between 2005 and 2019, dropped a string of seven consecutive studio albums that reached number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums list.  And one of those projects, 2014’s Platinum, also topped the Billboard 200.

“If I Was a Cowboy”

“If I Was a Cowboy” is the first track the songstress has come out with in 2021, being released on 15 October of said year. 

This song was written by Jesse Frasure and produced by Luke Dick alongside Jon Randall. 

At the time of its issuance, the album this track will be featured, if any, has yet to be revealed. However, it is possible that it is a standalone single considering that a group Miranda Lambert is a part of, the Pistol Annies, have an album coming out later in October of 2021.

If I Was a Cowboy

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