I’ll Oil Wells Love You by Dolly Parton

“I’ll Oil Wells Love You” is a catchy song from Dolly Parton’s 1968 album Just the Two of Us, which she recorded with Porter Wagoner. This album marked the beginning of a productive and iconic collaboration between Dolly and Porter. The duo created several hit songs together, and this particular track is a testament to their shared sense of humor and clever songwriting.

The song title itself is a play on words. “I’ll Oil Wells Love You” sounds like “I will always love you”, but with a twist. The song is packed with puns related to the oil industry, which makes it a fun listen.

Going a bit into Dolly’s history, her collaboration with Porter Wagoner was a significant step in her career. He introduced her to a broader audience through his popular television show. Together, they became one of the most beloved duos in country music history.

Despite her incredible success, Dolly has always remained grounded. She’s a philanthropist, having contributed to various causes, especially in the fields of education and healthcare. And even after all these years in the limelight, she still remains the sweet, relatable, and down-to-earth Dolly that fans adore.

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