It’s So Easy by Guns N’ Roses

Oh, man! “It’s So Easy” by Guns N’ Roses is just one of those timeless rock tracks that kinda grabs you, doesn’t it? We’re diving back to 1987, to the “Appetite for Destruction” album, and boy, did it make some waves in the rock world! Written by Duff McKagan and West Arkeen, the track is this raw, gritty, and just absolutely rebellious in every way – totally embodying that late 80s rock n’ roll spirit.

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Duff was inspired by his pre-GNR days, living in Los Angeles and navigating the rough and tumble rock scene. And that chorus just sticks in your head, doesn’t it? “It’s so easy, easy, when everybody’s tryin’ to please me, baby” – it’s almost like an anthem for the rock star lifestyle of excess and ego.

If you dive into the lyrics, you get a sense of that rebelliousness and defiance that GNR was so notorious for. Like, it’s all about the hedonistic rock star life – sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, baby! And the energy of the track really conveys that; it’s fast, it’s loose, and it’s got that unapologetic boldness that made GNR stand out in a sea of hair metal and glam rock bands at the time.

Axl’s voice is just on point, blending that screechy high pitch with a powerful, raspy undertone, and Slash, well… his guitar work is just wicked. They captured a mood and a vibe in “It’s So Easy” that really spoke to that chaotic, wild side of rock and roll, and it helped cement their place as one of the baddest bands in the land. Whether you’re a rock aficionado or a casual listener, this track just drags you into that messy, wild world of 80s rock and it’s a hell of a ride, right? It’s a piece of rock history, served with a side of rebellion and a whole lot of attitude!

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