It’s U – Exploring the Depths of Devotion in Indie Music

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Labyrinth of Late-Night Musings
  5. Navigating the Stormy Seas of Support
  6. The Haunting Echo of ‘If You Fall’
  7. A Chorus that Captures Unyielding Devotion
  8. The Quest for Reciprocity: ‘Is it me for u?’


I guess it’s just another one of those nights
When I’ll spend way too much time
On something so small that no one really cares about at all
I guess it’s just another one of those thoughts
And I can’t really find a cause
Whether it’s all just in my mind or something more here in my life

It’s u, it’s u
Oh god, it’s u
It’s u
If you’re awake then I am too
If you’re lost then I’ll find you
If you’re hurt then I’ll fix you
If you go blind I’ll describe the view
If you can’t feel then I’ll hold you
If you fall know I’ve got you

And if you fall down too far and I can’t see you through these marks
And your eyes are covered in scars, and my head’s filling with tar
Don’t worry we’ll find another way out

Your silhouette doesn’t look quite right
And I can never find the time
To bury my hands in words
I’d grow a new kind of evergreen tree, just for you and me
On second thoughts, will you even remember me?

But it’s always been u (It’s always been u)
It’s always been u (It’s always been u)
It’s always been u (It’s always been u)
It’s always been u (It’s always been u)
It’s always been u (It’s always been u)
It’s always been u
Is it me for u?

Full Lyrics

Cavetown’s song ‘It’s U’ encapsulates the enchanting frailty and raw spirit of indie music, weaving a tapestry of emotions that tugs at the threads of the heart. In its delicate melody, Robin Skinner – the artist behind Cavetown – offers a poignant exploration of devotion, commitment, and the profound intricacies of human connections.

From its opening lines to the soothing refrain, ‘It’s U’ confronts the listener with a heartfelt confession of someone entangled in the quiet turmoil of love and concern, paired with the resolve to stand by their significant other through various trials. Let’s delve into the deeper meanings and memorable lines that make this song an intimate anthem of unwavering affection.

The Labyrinth of Late-Night Musings

The track begins as a day’s reflective climax, with Cavetown divulging the inner workings of a restless mind during nights filled with overthinking. It’s in these small hours that we confront the fears and thoughts that occupy our most secluded corners. ‘It’s U’ sings to the listener of the trivialities that become mammoth at midnight, encapsulating the universal struggle of giving undue weight to concerns perceived as inconsequential by the world at large.

Through the art of song, Skinner bridges the gap between listener and artist, creating an intimate space where the assuring words become a comforting embrace for all who find themselves sinking into similar thoughts.

Navigating the Stormy Seas of Support

With the mantra ‘It’s u’ rhythmically anchoring the heart of the song, Cavetown unveils the essence of companionship that endures the harshest of realities. Each line in the chorus is a promise — a vow to be there, not just in the resplendent days, but more importantly, in the consuming darkness when one can do nothing else but trust their partner to be the guiding light.

There’s a soft yet sturdy steadfastness in the declarations, where healing, assisting, and relentless caring form the ship that navigates the tumultuous waves of life together, suggesting that, in the presence of true companionship, no calamity is insurmountable.

The Haunting Echo of ‘If You Fall’

Cavetown crafts a moment of quiet panic, painting the scenario of a partner obscured by metaphorical ‘marks’ and ‘scars.’ It’s a recognition of the suffering that life can deal, and the anxiety felt when such suffering threatens to shroud one’s beloved. Yet, amid this helplessness, we hear a hopeful resolve—the assurance that there is always a path forward, a way out of the darkness, for those who have lost their way.

In these verses, ‘It’s U’ touches on the heavy silence that falls upon a relationship when one person is mentally or emotionally encumbered, and the other’s role becomes that of a guardian, a healer — pledging to find the light together, no matter the depth of despair.

A Chorus that Captures Unyielding Devotion

The song’s chorus morphs into a relentless, haunting repetition of ‘It’s always been u,’ a line that bears the weight of unyielding devotion. It’s an ode to the person who has become the axis on which the singer’s world turns. The repetition acts as an incantation, emphasizing that no matter what changes, no matter the ebb and flow of life, his devotion remains constant and unaltered.

As each ‘It’s always been u’ rings out, it enshrines the sentiment that in the shifting sands of time, the focal point of the singer’s love and attention has never wavered.

The Quest for Reciprocity: ‘Is it me for u?’

In its closing, ‘It’s U’ juxtaposes the crystalline certainty of the singer’s feelings with a whisper of doubt, encapsulated in the simple, plaintive query — ‘Is it me for u?’. It is this question that speaks to the vulnerability of love; the nagging trepidation that accompanies unguarded emotion, flipping the gaze inward to probe the depths of mutual sentiment.

This final, lingering line invites listeners to chew over the complexity of relationships — the balance of giving and receiving love, the fears of unreciprocated feelings, and the courageous act of voicing such uncertainties. Cavetown’s ability to articulate the soul’s inner dialogues through such vulnerable lyricism offers a strikingly human dimension to his music.

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