J Hus’ “Must Be” Lyrics Meaning

J Hus’ “Must Be” has a definitive ‘hood flavor. On one hand it was released shortly after J Hus did an eight-month bid. And he addresses the idea of individuals being stereotyped due to their associations. Indeed he initially tried to rationalize the weapons’ charge which got him locked up by stating that he was carrying one as an act of self-defense. 

And the chorus and refrain of this song have a similar tone, one which insinuates that avoiding such trouble is more or less impossible where he comes from. Relatedly, the title alludes to the notion of a person being “guilty by association”. And overall what this track deals with is the street life which surrounds the artist. He makes various observations regarding such, specifically in terms of how dangerous the ‘hood can be. But once again, the main peril he perceives is one along the lines of individuals getting caught up in matters which they are not necessarily a part of.

Lyrics of "Must Be"

Facts about “Must Be”

This is the first track J Hus dropped since he was released from jail on 5 April 2019. He was imprisoned in his homeland, the UK, on the charge of carrying a knife in public.

“Must Be” itself was released on 8 November 2019. It is featured on a project which appears as if it will be Hus’s second-studio album, 2020’s “No ID”.

J Hus wrote this song along with its producer, JAE5.

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  1. Aurora K Pajeau MD MPH Neurologist says:

    Great lyrics . I hope he continues to write on social and political issues. I find him as a person with an emotional maturity that exceeds many of us.

  2. Aurora K Pajeau MD MPH Neurologist says:

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