“Spang DVD Freestyle (Episode 1)” by J Hus

“Spang DVD Freestyle (Episode 1)” reads like a beef track, as in many of the lyrics being directed at those who may have issues with J Hus. As such, the central theme of the track features the artist basically touting his toughness.  Indeed in a lot of ways it reads like similar tracks from rap artists Stateside.  But of course this is the UK, so there are only limited references to guns. And at certain points he also questions why particular individuals tend to hate on him and his homey so much. 

But overall, let’s just say J Hus wants to world to know that he is indeed a bad man. And this is not only in terms of touting his street credibility but also in regards to displaying his lyrical skills. So conclusively, we can say that this particular track is dedicated to the vocalist verifying his standing in the ‘hood as well as on the music scene.

Lyrics of “Spang DVD Freestyle (Episode 1)”

Did J Hus write this song?

J Hus exclusively wrote the “Spang DVD Freestyle (Episode 1)”. That being said, it’s important to note that the song’s instrumental is actually a Jamaican dancehall track called “Dark Again Riddim” by Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor.

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