Jack Stauber’s “Baby Hotline” Lyrics Meaning

It should be noted that, in terms of being generally interpretable, the lyrics of “Baby Hotline” don’t make comprehensive sense, and that’s especially true as far as the first verse is concerned. Actually Stauber is noted for creating “computer-animated music videos which contain strange lyrics”. And according to his fandom, the most famous of such creations thus far would be “Baby Hotline”.

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Lyrics of “Baby Hotline”

The above said, Jack’s fans have been able to put together a theory behind what’s being put forth, even though said understanding has never been confirmed by the artist himself. And that would be that the subject is a girl/woman who is patronizing a suicide hotline. 

In other words, the titular “baby hotline” is actually an intentional misnomer for a suicide hotline. And that theory is sorta feasible as far as the chorus is concerned, which depicts the vocalist, presumably taking on the role of said subject, as being depressed. But as for the first verse, again, it’s up to the listener to try to put together what Stauber is singing about.

However, interesting to note is that the music video itself sorta implies that this song, or at least its earlier goings (i.e. the first verse), is romantic in nature. And all lyrics considered, it may be that what has the subject depressed is an unwanted pregnancy. 

That may be what Jack means by “baby flatline” – a term which sounds like it may be a metaphor for an abortion – and shortly thereafter noting that an unspecified “she”, in the subject’s eyes, is a “hoarder of quarters”, i.e. a financial burden.

“Baby Hotline
Please hold me close to you”

But that “hoarders of quarters” statement could also, given the title of all, be an allusion to a payphone. 

There may not have been that many payphones in circulation when this track was dropped, but one would be compelled to go out of their way and utilize such a device if for instance they do not want the calls to show up on their personal phone records, as with perhaps calling a suicide hotline.

But all of that said, it’s pretty obvious, if nothing else, that the artist at hand didn’t go out of his way to make these lyrics easily understandable. So, like we earlier said, Jack is obviously on it like that. But furthermore, it may be that the subject matter at hand is too controversial, if you will, for the young artist to speak to directly.

“I contend that your drinking eye has never opened
I insist somebody will die and I hate hoping
Wishing that the pills let you cry and I hate coping
Someday I will go back outside and see her okay”

When was “Baby Hotline” released?

“Baby Hotline” is a track Stauber released on March 20 of 2019, from his 2019 project “Baby Hotline / Tea Errors”.  The track “Tea Errors” is the other song on said project.

Writing and Production

Stauber is credited as the sole writer and producer of this song.

Baby Hotline

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  1. The true meaning of Baby Hotline by Jack Stauber says:

    Baby hotline is about a women in 2016 who called the suicide hotline because well, suicidal thoughts. The line hoarder of quarters means she liked collecting quarters and the suicide hotline put her on hold for 2 hours and 18 minutes. She kept on getting these thoughts and by the time the suicide hotline picked up, she had already killed herself. And I believe that she had drug and alcohol abuse. This song is so catchy, but has a sad meaning! I hoped that helped you understand Baby Hotline, by Jack Stained more.

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